Sunday Morning Kaos

A few months ago Amanda asked me to be a part of this project.  Her excitement was contagious and I would NEVER pass up an opportunity to hang with her boys!  But then she began to explain her intent behind the project.  "Chaos is all around us, it exists in our everyday lives.  You can let it rule you or you can choose to have gratitude for it."  Her words sat with me all day and I began to look at things a little differently.

My life can definitely be chaotic at times.  But moving forward I realize that this is MY chaos.  

And I love it.  

So, Sunday morning, in the middle of the pouring rain (after the dog peed on me) I watched an exciting new clothing brand come to life.  Was it chaotic? A little.  But I loved every last minute of it and I can't wait to watch this brand grow!