Baby Wolf

Taking photos is obviously something that makes me happy.  But when someone invites me into their home to capture important memories like these - my heart sings.  No direction, no posing - just living their "now."  And their now is pretty amazing.  Thank you David + Lindsay for trusting me with these fleeting moments - it was an honor.  

School Portraits

I am incredibly excited that March is right around the corner.  Here is Savannah that means warmer weather, St. Patty's day celebrations (all month) and SPRING PORTRAITS!  This will be my 3rd year at St. Andrews School and I've grown to really adore these kids.   I pride myself on knowing almost all of their names, their siblings and even the names of their pets at home.   I have the best assistant which makes the day even more fun and one awesome faculty.  Who wouldn't be over the moon??!